Our Voice + Your Voice= ONE VOICE

IMG_1557There has been a deep disregard to female warriors. Many don’t understand what we went through. CFVF United understands what combat females have gone through. We have a vision and blueprint to improve the quality of life for combat female Veterans and their families.

What we can do to prepare combat females and combat female Veterans to succeed in life after war?

  • Support their families
  • Make sure they have resources to thrive
  • Oppose all that stands against or doesn’t support the lives of combat female Veterans

We will not be segregated according to economic status. We are equal and fought for American citizens freedom and equality!

We demand justice, compassion and peace!

We are not hoping for a trickle down change -we are going to make the change together!

We are working on making Combat Female Veterans and their families lives better than before!


CFVF United Executive Team

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