CFVF United is a female Veteran family support and advocacy organization.

It’s mission is to:

Connect combat female Veterans and their families to Federal, State and community partners for the purpose of improving the lives of combat female Veterans experiencing mental health, family and parenting issues after returning home from war;

Emphasis attention to the unique post-deployment issues that occur with combat female Veterans and their families, by educating and advising policy makers, service providers, other Veteran advocacy organizations;

Actively endorse policies and procedures that serve the best interests of these combat female Veterans and their families through work with Federal, State and local officials.

Services available for combat female Veterans, their families, Veteran organizations and Veteran Partners: 

CFVF United intends to connect combat female Veterans and their families to services in their homebased community that include mental health, physical health, social services, Veteran benefits and secondary educational needs.

CFVF United intends to work with local community Veteran organizations to provide organizational 501c3 mentorship, linkage to non-profit Veteran associations, support and assist with local grant development to help grow and nurture Veteran family organizations.

CFVF United intends to assist others with female Veteran projects by helping to construct grants, educational documents and research collections by providing a female Veterans driven input.

CFVF United will mentor and supports all Veteran organizations and partners. We will encourage all CFVF United Partners to join our developing monthly group to discuss and foster the position of a CFVF Partnership. All CFVF United Partners from all organizations and agencies are will be welcome to join our group. CFVF United will support ALL Veteran Organization Partners.

CFVF United will support combat female Veterans during the transition from service member to civilian. CFVF United will offer one on one support for combat female Veterans struggling with post-deployment mental health issues to promote improvement with re-entry into a parenting, spouse and family member role.

CFVF United through partnership with other Veteran organizations will develop a combat female Veteran annual leadership program for those wanted to train for leadership roles in their communities, workplace and organizations.


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